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Dell and SUSE Extend Partnership with Dell OEM Solutions


Years ago in business school I learned about “core competencies.” Prahalad and Hamel argued that core competencies were the basis for a firm’s sustainable competitive advantage. I was reminded of core competencies this past winter when my wife asked me to put up a tile backsplash in our kitchen. Doing tile work is not one of my core competencies.

I mean, I CAN do it. But I guess the bigger question is SHOULD I do it. In hindsight, perhaps I should have entrusted our backsplash to an expert – one with the right expertise, tools and experience to do a high quality job in half the time it would have taken me.

Last week I was reminded again about core competencies. Last week we unveiled a new partnership between Dell OEM Solutions and SUSE. A Partnership that brings together Dell’s hardware and supply chain expertise and SUSE’s flexible operating platform and robust software configuration tools to deliver joint customers enterprise quality integrated systems in half the time it would have taken them to do it themselves.

And time is money. By leveraging Dell and SUSE’s combined expertise, enterprises can bring their integrated systems solutions to market faster. More importantly, they can redeploy their scarce internal resources on furthering those competencies that help them thrive in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

It took me two days to complete the tile backsplash. And another two days to recuperate from the physical labor. Now the grout is starting to separate where the electrical outlets are. Good thing I get paid for using my brain my wife says.

Next time I’ll call the experts. And if you need to bring high quality integrated systems to market in a cost effective and timely manner, I encourage you to call the experts too – SUSE and Dell OEM Solutions.


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