COVID has left the world reeling. But the world didn’t stop, neither did data growth. In fact, during COVID, data usage has gone up 47%. Data creation has gone up too, with millions of us spending more time on social media, working across Teams, Slack, Zoom etc. and pushing things up to the cloud.

What’s a storage manager to do? Use cloud storage, right? That’s the cheapest option for solving all your storage woes? Think again.

To find out who is the true cost leader in storage and learn from experts on how to tame your own data explosion, join us on 9/1 for this webinar: CEPH Storage: Terabytes to Petabytes at Better than Cloud Pricing.

We will cover things like:

  • How to Get Off the Treadmill of Storage Growth
  • Is Cloud Storage the Cheapest Solution? – how DO you calculate penny per gig
  • CEPH Storage – Architecture, Scalability, Resiliency, Affordability
  • The Storage Elephant in the Room
  • Why Dell for Your SES Hardware Provider

We’re all in this together, so bring your tough questions and we’ll bring the answers and solutions to help.

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