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Critical Questions When Evaluating Embedded Linux Systems


Investing in the right technology solutions can help overcome many of the challenges developers and companies face when bringing embedded systems to market. More and more embedded developers are recognizing that embedded Linux operating systems will enable them to keep up with the increasing pressure to innovate in a rapidly changing environment. According to VDC, the adoption of Linux in the embedded operating systems market is projected to grow steadily, at a CAGR of 16.7%  for open Linux, as interconnected devices and systems continue to become more pervasive.

The selection of an embedded operating system is a complex process that requires consideration of multiple factors that impact every aspect of the project—from development time to licensing costs.

While there are a number of commercial Linux vendors in the market, we recommend evaluating embedded Linux vendors on the following criteria, and asking the following questions:

1. Support
What support is provided? How long will I be supported?  

2. Features
What functionality and value-add features are available?
How do these features improve my development team’s productivity?   

3. Security
What features are included to enable a more secure device?
What capabilities are available to  manage security over the lifecycle of the device?

4. Development Environment
How easy is the system to use?
What tools are provided for the development environment?

5. Documentation
What resources are available to streamline and optimize development efforts?

6. Pricing
What Is the pricing structure for embedded Linux?  

The underlying question for many embedded system developers becomes, ‘which version of Linux do I use?’ Commercial and technical support are pivotal reasons that more and more embedded system developers are turning to a commercial Linux operating system, such as SUSE Embedded solutions for embedded system development.

What are the other questions that come to mind when evaluating Linux systems? Drop us a line and let us know, and take a look at our solution brief to learn more about how SUSE is positioned to help.


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