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What do connected businesses have in common?


2014 appears to be another inflection point in the evolution of IT. Today’s connected business will leverage mobile-first and API-first designs, big data analytics, improved online store experiences, agile development and operations, open source technologies, and IaaS and PaaS cloud-based services. For those businesses that can effectively take advantage of these new IT strategies the opportunities are huge.

As IT works with the line of business to address the changing dynamics of the marketplace, your organization is likely asking these key questions:

“Are we agile enough to respond to the forces changing your business?”
“How can we turn these IT trends into competitive advantage?”
“How can we align with our partners, customers and employees to more effectively share information and achieve our collective goals?”

Achieving a connected business will enable you to respond to these questions. By adopting today’s leading technologies and best practices you can obtain competitive advantage by attracting and serving your customers with greater reach, efficiency, and insight.

SUSE, WSO2 and Yenlo offer a complete open source solution and set of processes for deploying a single platform for the connected business. Running WSO2’s fully-integrated middleware and PaaS platform on top of the enterprise Linux and OpenStack-based IaaS cloud infrastructure of SUSE provides the security, governance, support, and automation capabilities necessary for building new applications and systems. This joint solution, easily adopted into existing IT environments, helps companies deliver on the promise of new IT innovations by seamlessly connecting employees, partners, customers and communities to achieve faster business results.

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