Congratulations to openSUSE on the 12.1 release!


Many articles and blogs have covered the great features and updates to be found in openSUSE 12.1. I’m not going to repeat that here but you can find great coverage from The RegisterNetwork TechCrunch and Ars Technica and many others. And after using openSUSE 12.1 myself, I have to say it is quite an impressive release and I particularly like the integration of Btrfs and Snapper with YaST and also the integration with ownCloud. As an openSUSE user, I’m finding a lot to like!

12.1 is the first openSUSE release since new SUSE business unit was created following the acquisition of Novell. In those few months SUSE and openSUSE have been very engaged. I am really happy with the degree of communication, collaboration and mutual support we’ve created. The recent openSUSE conference is a great example. As openSUSE becomes an even more dynamic project comprised of a growing, global contributor base, the possibilities for new innovation are unlimited – ARM, Cloud, development tools etc.

SUSE, as the primary sponsor, is completely committed to the continued growth of the openSUSE project. We are just as passionate about its success as the many people who personally use and contribute to the project.

As an independent community, openSUSE contributors innovate and build what they’re passionate about and enjoy doing it. This innovation isn’t directed or controlled by SUSE – it’s a free and open project. In fact, that’s exactly why the relationship between openSUSE and SUSE works so well and part of why openSUSE is such a great project for contributors to join.

So, after this great milestone release, I’d like to re-iterate my congratulations and look forward to what’s next in openSUSE as the project and community continues to grow!

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  • Avatar photo K Connors says:

    Ditto! OpenSuse 12.1 was indeed a nice surprise.
    Very well done. 🙂

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