Choosing your OpenSource and Linux roadshow


We’re in full preparations for our plans this year for our OpenSource and Linux conference in Europe, SUSECon 2015.

Maybe you’ve not been to SUSECon before and you’ve been to other shows through the year.  So what does SUSECon have that maybe other OpenSource and Linux shows lack?

Here’s my top 4 reason’s why I think you should consider SUSECon 2015.

Always Open – Yes it is the theme of our show, but for good reason.  We’re here to make sure that when you attend SUSECon you get the access you need to our customers, partners, engineers, experts, executives and a multitude of sessions giving you demos as well as hands-on training.  We don’t limit your access so you’re open to choose who you talk and spend time with at the show.

Control, Optimise, Innovation – 3 core reasons our content brings you the best.  We know the challenges your facing in your datacenter, so this year we’re bringing you a show that focuses around these 3 core topics. You’ll walk away from SUSECon with practical ideas and knowledge to improve your datacenter and prepare you for future innovations.

The Sessions – We’re not just offering a few repeated sessions.  We offer 190 hours of different sessions from a variety of experts, ourselves, our customers, and independents.  From technical training to demonstrations and hands-on sessions you’ll never be bored at SUSECon 2015

Networking and Smiles – Each year we pride ourselves on bringing you a conference that aims to help you in your day to day work, but also brings you opportunities to spend time with your peers, our experts and our partners so that you can get the most from the conference.  You’ll have plenty of time to network and discuss your latest challenges with us or your peers or in one of the dedicated birds of a feather sessions.  Plus no-one at SUSECon fails to have a smile on their face.  We’re a happy bunch of people.  🙂

Book now on the early bird price and you’ll get all these benefits with a discount.


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