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When it’s Business Critical, Make the Smart Move!


As IT and business leaders are continually driven to “transform the business”, they are often asked to do this with the same or even smaller budgets.  This challenge means that they must find a way to reduce costs for their existing infrastructure so that they can free up resources to invest in new technology – improving their ability to respond to changing business demands. With the high cost of proprietary platforms and software renewals, one of the first places these leaders look to reduce costs and improve their agility is with open-source.


Application migration to Linux should be part of the continuous improvement of your IT infrastructure, technologies and processes.  SUSE delivers industry-standard Linux solutions that give your IT organization the reliability, scalability, availability and security you need for the mission-critical databases and applications, helping you to:

  • Slash costs and accelerate ROI by consolidating applications and workloads on SUSE, letting you leverage commodity or open source platforms
  • Reduce complexity and increase uptime by consolidating databases and managing your entire Linux environment with a single management tool
  • Boost resource utilization and application efficiency by consolidating resources to better utilize floor space, reduce energy consumption, and save on software costs

Moving applications and databases to Linux helps you reduce costs and enables you to be more adaptable – quickly responding to the changing demands of the business.  And this we know is critical for a company’s survival!

To learn more about how SUSE can help you with application migration, please visit https://www.suse.com/appmigration


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