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Brazilian telecoms giant accelerates innovation with SUSE


“SUSE Rancher makes it easier for our IT staff to manage and scale a large container environment. As a result, we can spend less time on repetitive manual tasks and more time on value-added development.” Marcos Borges, Telco/DC Application Manager, Algar Telecom.

Brazilian telco leader, Algar Telecom, adopted an agile infrastructure, based on Docker containers, to smooth the introduction of innovative product offerings. As the environment grew, Algar found that managing containers using standard Kubernetes required significant manual effort, threatening to divert resources away from customer experience enhancing product development efforts.

To simplify container management processes and ensure the highest levels of scalability and availability for business applications, Algar Telecom needed to gain a single point of control for all its Kubernetes clusters. After reviewing enterprise offerings from leading vendors, the company selected SUSE Rancher for all its Kubernetes distributions. Key to this decision was the reliable local support and robust service level agreements offered by SUSE. The Algar team were also impressed by the advanced management capabilities offered by SUSE Rancher over standard Kubernetes.

Algar needed to be able to manage its SUSE Rancher environment with in-house resources to minimize total cost of ownership and maximize reliability. Training became pivotal to this requirement and authorized SUSE training partner, SSYS, provided this service as well as integrating SUSE Rancher into Algar’s environment in just four months.

Taking the lead in Brazil’s telecommunications marketplace

Algar’s infrastructure setup is the first of its kind in the region, driving agility and hastening service innovation. Algar’s IT team can now complete tasks such as assigning application instances to a cluster within minutes — accelerating management tasks and reducing the risk of human error.

Algar can easily determine which clouds or environments its development teams can access through a single, intuitive interface, helping them to maintain rigorous information security and data governance standards. Unlike other management systems, SUSE Rancher has a completely open architecture, which means there is no risk of vendor lock-in. SUSE Rancher has provided autonomy to development and DevOps teams, allowing them to have more agility and flexibility.

Critically, SUSE Rancher provided Algar with mechanisms to prototype and experiment, facilitating innovation. Algar can focus on building next-generation digital services with the peace of mind that its entire stack is supported by a trusted local partner. SUSE Rancher makes it easy for the Algar team to manage and scale its extensive container environment, resulting in less time being spent on repetitive, manual tasks and more time on value-added development — ultimately accelerating service innovation and helping to provide high quality customer experiences.

First class training has empowered trained in-house IT staff to run the solution effectively, ensuring high availability for mission-critical applications.

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