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Become a SUSE Certified Administrator, Engineer, or Deployment Specialist


Open source software is at heart of technology innovation enabling mission critical datacentres, cloud, artificial intelligence, machine learning, edge computing, quantum computing, internet of things, and more. SUSE is a global leader in Linux, Kubernetes, container, and cloud that deliver and support robust open source software solutions. Become SUSE Certified Engineer and immerse yourself into these innovative markets.

In my earlier blog, Find Your SUSE Training Courses, I wrote about the training courses and in this blog I will focus on the certification as result of studying the course and passing its exam.

What is a “SUSE Certification” ?

The intention of Professional certification (computer technology) is to establish that an individual holding a certification is technically qualified to hold certain types of position within the field. Certification is often used in the professions of information technology industry (Source Wikipedia).

SUSE Certification is a software vendor professional certification that demonstrates successful completion of SUSE Exams. Majority of SUSE Training Courses prepare you to take its examination. In general, SUSE Certifications are renewed with major product releases. SUSE offers two major certifications: SUSE Certified Administrator and SUSE Certified Engineer.

Attainment of certification at the administrator or engineer level is an industry recognition of core competency. SUSE Certifications, and the exams which lead to certification, are designed to validate the competency of the candidate at various levels, from day to day administration up to consultant and architect level skill across SUSE Solutions.

Selecting your SUSE Certification

SUSE Certified Administrator (SCA)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

SLES 12 to 15 Certification Update

SUSE Manager 4

SUSE Rancher 2.6

SUSE Certified Engineer (SCE)

SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 15

SLES 12 to 15 Certification Update

SUSE Certified Deployment Specialist (SCDS)

SUSE Rancher and Kubernetes Distributions

SUSE Manager 4

SUSE Specialist: SCA+

SLES for SAP Applications

SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability

Take a Certification Exam Online

SUSE Certification Program offers industry-leading certifications and tests that are globally recognized. All SUSE Certification exams are available via Questionmark, a full-service enterprise-grade assessment platform, which enables high-stakes tests and assessments to be conducted remotely and securely.

Please login to SUSE Certification Exam platform here and follow the steps to take a certification exam online.

Good luck 🙂


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