Bringing Cloud Native Observability to Customers with StackState Acquisition


In Container Management, you have to be able to see the wood from the trees. In a complex environment, you have to get the full 360 degree view to make the most of what you have and at the same time be able to navigate and troubleshoot quickly and accurately. That’s why I am so pleased we are able to announce today that we have acquired the full stack observability platform StackState. Rancher Prime is already the best platform to manage your cloud native workloads, today it also becomes the best platform to observe and optimize your cloud native workloads. From now, our Rancher Prime platform will have that crucial ingredient of observability. 

Cloud workloads are getting more complex by the day. Applications are distributed into so many different elements that you need to understand. You need to have a way to monitor in real time how they are interacting with each other. You need the right information at the right time – presented in an easy to take in, visual way. That’s observability in a nutshell. It’s about removing  the complexity of infrastructure, removing the noise and enabling focus on the things you need when you need it. 

However, the great thing about StackState is not just the general idea about what they offer. It’s that their platform is ideally suited to and tailored to what we do. SUSE has focused extensively on maximizing Rancher Prime compatibility over the past year or two. As a result, integrating StackState into Rancher Prime will be a seamless end user experience. We aim to do that very very quickly, so we can start offering full observability to our Rancher Prime customers in the next few weeks. 

When you acquire a company, it’s not just the technology you are bringing in. More than that, it is the people. They share a lot of the same DNA with us. Their technology is highly compatible with us, as is their mindset – we are a great match. But more than that, I think the exciting thing is that they already see the opportunity of working with us beyond Rancher. There is a massive opportunity for observability across our portfolio. I can’t wait to hear their ideas on that. On AI, on NeuVector – on many other things. Anywhere where there is complexity of data – which in enterprise software, is most places! 

It’s an exciting moment for us and our customers. The journey is just beginning. And I would like to welcome everyone at StackState into the SUSE family.

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