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AI Test Drive: Hybrid Alternative to the Cloud?






This is a guest blog by Udo Würtz, Fujitsu Fellow, CDO and Business Development Director of the Fujitsu’s European Platform Business. Read more about Udo, including how to contact him, below.


In the dynamic world of artificial intelligence (AI), businesses are constantly faced with the challenge of how to best utilize their resources. While cloud solutions, with their flexibility and scalability, seem like an appealing option, they come with their own set of disadvantages. This is where the hybrid AI Test Drive shines: an innovative solution that merges the most important aspects of on-premise and cloud technologies.

What is the AI Test Drive?

The AI Test Drive is not a simple test system. It’s a comprehensive solution designed specifically to provide data scientists with the infrastructure they need to run their projects efficiently and effectively. Think of it as a template for a hybrid environment that allows users to take advantage of both worlds – on-premise and in the cloud – as part of on-premise, usage-based billing.

Advantages of the Hybrid AI Test Drive Over Pure Cloud Use:

Cost Control:

A pure cloud approach can become expensive in the long run, especially with consistent data traffic and intensive usage. The hybrid AI Test Drive offers a mix of local and cloud resources, allowing users to save costs by working locally and switching to the cloud only when absolutely necessary.

Optimized Data Transfer:

The necessity to upload vast amounts of data to the cloud can be both time-consuming and costly. With the hybrid approach, businesses can work locally, process data efficiently, and only tap into cloud resources when it makes sense, thus minimizing transfer costs.

Enhanced Security and Compliance:

Data is the lifeblood of any AI project. Therefore, it is often important for companies to keep sensitive data in their local environment, reducing the security risks associated with cloud storage. At the same time, they can take advantage of the cloud without compromising data security and compliance. These aspects are covered by the AI Test Drive as part of a reference infrastructure including software stack.

Independence and Flexibility:

Another downside to pure cloud solutions is potential dependency on a specific provider. The AI Test Drive gives users the freedom to use services from various providers and switch as needed without being wholly invested in one infrastructure.

Pay-per-use On-Premise Billing:

Perhaps one of the most relevant aspects of the AI Test Drive is its billing model. While traditional on-premise solutions often demand high initial investment costs, the AI Test Drive offers pay-per-use billing, (facilitated through uSCALE) much like cloud services but done locally. This ensures businesses only pay for what they genuinely use while enjoying the benefits of a local infrastructure.

The Case for Hybrid Infrastructure for AI Deployments:

At a time when data and AI are becoming increasingly important to businesses, having the right infrastructure is key. Hybrid infrastructure offers a forward-looking solution that meets the specific needs of enterprises and helps them leverage the best of both worlds.

Rather than opting for a pure cloud or on-premise solution, it provides a bridge between the two and adapts to the ever-changing needs of businesses. It is therefore time to rethink the traditional approach and consider a flexible, secure and cost-effective solution that is tailored to the needs of the modern AI era.

Now You Can Evaluate Your AI Projects Practically & Technically:

The Fujitsu AI Test Drive amalgamates tried-and-true technologies into a cohesive platform, granting data scientists the ability to evaluate their AI projects both pragmatically and technically. By accessing such deep technological resources, users can pinpoint the tools and infrastructure that best align with their unique AI challenges.

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About the Author:

Udo Würtz is Chief Data Officer ( CDO of the Fujitsu European Platform Business. In his function he advises customers at C level (CIO, CTO, CEO, CDO, CFO) on strategies, technologies and new trends in the IT business. Before joining Fujitsu, he worked for 17 years as CIO for a large retail company and later for a Cloud Service Provider, where he was responsible for the implementation of secure and highly available IT architectures. Subsequently, he was appointed by the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology as an expert for the Trusted Cloud Program of the Federal Government in Berlin. Udo Würtz is intensively involved in Fujitsu’s activities in the fields of artificial intelligence (AI), container technologies and the Internet of Things (IoT) and, as a Fujitsu Fellow, gives lectures and live demos on these topics. He also runs his own YouTube channel on the subject of AI.

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