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My recent blog talked about the very first Open Infrastructure Summit heading to the Mile High City, Denver in May 2019. Last night, the community voting for the proposed sessions at the Summit was opened.

As always, timescales are tight to ensure that everything gets organised and speakers can book travel, so please do visit the Summit page and cast your votes now – voting closes at 11:59pm Pacific Time on Monday February 4th.

Being the first Open Infrastructure Summit, there is a big mix of technologies being talked about, ranging from OpenvSwitch, to Ceph, to OpenStack, to Kubernetes and much, much more. With 565 submitted sessions from a truly global range of speakers to choose from, make sure to grab your preferred beverage and give yourself plenty of time to review and choose the sessions that you’d like to see in Denver.

The team at SUSE have been busy submitting talks as well, so if you would like to see one of the presentations from our team, here’s an easy list for you:

Migrating your cloud workloads from IPv4 to IPv6 without downtime

Monitoring your cloud’s lifecycle using Monasca Events

Network evolution from core Neutron to highly desired container networking

Make OpenStack deployment less of a bear with Kolla

Rook: A new and easy way to run your Ceph storage on Kubernetes

Introduction to Secure Coding Principles

Get behind your OpenStack and transform your adoption

Do edge projects fulfil our expectations? Let’s test it!

All Flash CephFS for High Performance Use Cases

Handle Allowed-address-pair IP/MAC update through ARP responder flow for DVR routed networks

Scaling should be easy and automatic: Heat and Monasca

First contact SIG – who we are and how we want to help you

Monasca + Swift: Sending all your Swift metrics Monasca’s way

Working with Documentation, The OpenStack Way

OpenStack and Kubernetes get the Heat treatment

Upgrade your cloud: Skip an OpenStack release, switch database engine and keep it non-disruptive

Efficient Monitoring and Root Cause Analysis in Complex Systems

Bridging Clouds with Keystone to Keystone Federation

OpenStack Troubleshooting ToolBox – Climbing the version upgrade peak

Is Troubleshooting OpenvSwitch and its flows a nightmare? Let’s make it simple

Working backwards: Using upstream content downstream

Know more about your Ceph cluster with ELK stack!

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