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4 is a go!!! – SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 goes GA


At SUSECON 2016 we announced SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 to the world and today I am pleased to say that the latest and greatest version of the product is generally available.

Version 4 highlights:

  • Reduced capital and operational spending for storage infrastructure via a truly unified block, object and files solution with the production-ready Ceph file system (CephFS).
  • Expanded hardware choice for enterprise and hyper-scale customers with support for 64-bit ARM.
  • An advanced graphical user interface for simplified management and improved cost efficiency using the openATTIC open source storage management system.
  • Better data protection and improved disaster recovery via long-distance replication for block storage and multisite object storage replication.
  • Improved cluster orchestration using Salt for simplified storage cluster management.
  • Technical preview access to NFS Ganesha support and NFS access to S3 buckets.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 4 is the industry leader on price and allows you to make significant savings (>50% in most instances) when compared to a comparable solutions from EMC, VMware, Scality, Netapp, IBM or Redhat  (to name but a few).

To find out more or grab a 60 day free trial then check out our  product page and resources page

Also take a look at our launch webcast  recording introducing SUSE Enterprise Storage 4, presented by Larry Morris, Senior Product Manager for Storage at SUSE and the new “hot off the press”  IT Brand Pulse report

Enjoy SUSE Enterprise Storage 4!!

Breaking news: Last night SUSE picked up the “Software Defined Infrastructure Product of the Year” for SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 at the SVC Awards in London  – Well done SOC 6!!!


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