3 quick steps to promoting your session at SUSECon 2014


Hurrah!  You’ve just had your session picked for SUSECon 2014 — you’re excited but, perhaps, a little apprehensive as you now need to focus on the content and educating the audience.  Plus… how do you make sure that people attend your session at the show?

Here’s 3 quick steps to promoting your session at SUSECon 20141

1. Write a blog and add it to the sessions page

Why you say?  Well here is where you can promote your session — but also you can ask for feedback — maybe see if there is a particular aspect that people would be keen to hear about.  Or, maybe, they would like to see a demonstration.  This is your chance to find out ahead of time!

2. Promote it on your social media feeds

You made the effort of writing a blog — head to Twitter, Google+ and the rest to promote it by linking to your blog post or, perhaps, linking directly to the sessions page.  Tell people why they should attend your session.

3. Be a SUSECon Expert

You are already an expert by having your session picked to be heard at SUSECon, so why not promote the fact?  To help we’ve developed a series of expert badges you can overlay on any photos you may have online on your social media channels, linked in, or even for your presentation – so download and add your expert badge now so everyone can see you’re the expert we already know you are!

That’s it!  See how easy it is to promote your session and make sure your session achieves that high standard level that SUSECon is known for?

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