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Data Center Migration

Data center migration is the process of moving or relocating an existing data center environment to another type of environment, such as the cloud or an off-premises location. Data center […]

Data Center Storage

Data center storage is the collective term for the hardware, software and processes that manage and monitor data storage within a data center, on site. It includes all IT assets […]

Data Center Transformation

Data center transformation is the process of changing an organization’s IT infrastructure to improve its capabilities, performance and efficiency. This process may include data center migration, large-scale changes to hardware, […]

Data Recovery

Data recovery is the process of retrieving digital data from a secondary storage location when it has been lost, damaged, or corrupted and is no longer accessible as usual because […]

Data Replication

Data replication is the process of continuously copying data from its source location to another location in a retrievable state, so that a current, complete copy is always available in […]


A database is an organized collection of digital data that is available electronically, and can be manipulated, updated, stored, backed up, secured, and managed. The data is typically organized in […]

Database as a Service (DBaaS)?

Database as a service (DBaaS) is a popular cloud service that offers users access to a database without having to invest in hardware, install new software, and handle their own […]

Deep Learning

Deep learning, also known as deep neural networks, is a machine learning method based on digital representations rather than task-specific algorithms. Deep learning architectures are inspired by the structure of […]

Development Environment

A development environment is the collection of processes and tools that are used to develop the source code for a program or software product. This involves the entire environment that […]


DevOps (a combination of “development” and “operations”) is a software application and services development model that integrates development lifecycles with agile operations. In practice, development and operations engineers participate together […]

Digital Transformation

Digital transformation generally refers to the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business. This transformation usually results in fundamental changes to business culture, operational processes and value […]

Disaster Recovery

Disaster recovery (DR) is the subset of business continuity that focuses on protecting the IT infrastructure and systems that support critical business functions.  DR plans include all of the policies, […]

Disk-to-Disk Storage (d2d)

Disk-to-disk (or D2D) refers to the disk-to-disk method of backup storage. With D2D, a computer hard disk is backed up to another hard disk rather than to a tape. Disk-to-disk systems […]


A Dockerfile is a script that automatically creates containers on the Docker platform. A Dockerfile is basically a text document that contains all the commands a user could call on […]


Downtime is a computer industry term for the time during which a computer or IT system is unavailable, offline or not operational. Downtime has many causes, including shutdowns for maintenance […]