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Database as a service (DBaaS) is a popular cloud service that offers users access to a database without having to invest in hardware, install new software, and handle their own set up. Users are given access to a management console, typically a web app, which they use to manage, provision, configure and operate the database as they wish.

DBaaS is often used by IT organizations. They can set up multiple databases to meet the needs of different users and teams within the organization. For example, they can provision some developers with limited memory and traditional disks, and DevOps can receive high capacity servers with SSDs. The DBaaS approach allows IT to establish provisioning standards that leads to consistency and alignment with best practices for any given database and business use.

The standardization provided by DBaaS can also ensure that all databases in the org are being operated consistently, which enables the developers and database administrators (DBAs) to focus on the application and avoid database errors. DBaaS also enables an organization to use many different database technologies, to fit the needs and requirements of their users, without having to have in-house knowledge about each technology.