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Industry: MSPs
Location: Netherlands
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myBrand builds clients’ SAP solutions with SUSE


  • <1 hour to provision new SAP HANA environments.
  • 3.5x growth in client base while keeping maintenance costs flat.
  • Cost-effective scalability enables rapid business expansion.


Established in 2004 and with locations in Geertruidenberg, Apeldoorn and Maarssen in the Netherlands, myBrand offers managed SAP services to enterprises throughout central Europe.


myBrand goes the extra mile for its clients and seeks to differentiate itself through highly responsive services for managed SAP solutions. To make it all possible, myBrand trusts Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP Business Suite and SUSE Linux  Enterprise Server (SLES) for SAP Applications as the high-performance, low-maintenance foundation for its business — enabling it to more than double its client base in just eight years with minimal increase in IT headcount.

The Challenge

Taking responsibility is at the heart of the myBrand value proposition. From the start, the company has strived to go beyond service-level agreements and offer clients the best-value managed services for SAP in the Netherlands.

Pascal Ottens, Solution and Innovation Architect at myBrand, explains: “Before he established myBrand, our founder was on the opposite side of the managed service provider [MSP] relationship. He recognized a clear opportunity to capture a share of the SAP MSP market by becoming the best-rated SAP MSP in the market in terms of the client experience.”

myBrand’s philosophy is simple: offer clients the quality of service you would expect to receive if the roles were reversed.

“Understanding our clients’ business challenges and solving them with responsive, effective SAP solutions is our day-to-day work,” continues Pascal Ottens. “Because we are delivering mission-critical solutions, having a rock-solid IT platform is crucial. We need infrastructure that just works—enabling our lean team to invest their time in delivering high-quality services to our clients.”

“The combination of Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP Business Suite and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications continues to offer us everything we need to drive our business.”

SUSE Solution

Since 2007, myBrand has relied on Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP Business Suite—an integrated, scalable platform that brings together high-performance compute, storage and networking solutions in a single, space-efficient footprint. From day one, myBrand has trusted SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications as the server platform for its MSP offering.

“The combination of Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP Business Suite and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications continues to offer us everything we need to drive our business,” comments Pascal Ottens. “As well as delivering performance, reliability and scalability for key SAP application workloads, the combined offering is extremely easy to manage.

“The built-in FlexFrame Orchestrator software is tightly integrated with every component of the solution: from the SUSE operating system down through the Fujitsu servers, Cisco network switches and NetApp storage arrays. From a single pane of glass, we can manage, maintain and expand our IT environment with no disruption to production systems.”

myBrand’s business has grown rapidly in recent years, and the company has found it fast and straightforward to scale out the Fujitsu FlexFrame for SAP Business Suite platform to accommodate the increase in volumes.

“Adding compute or storage resources is a simple as connecting the new nodes and typing a few commands into FlexFrame Orchestrator; the provisioning process takes just minutes,” says Pascal Ottens.

Businesses across the Netherlands trust myBrand with their most important asset: their data. To minimize the risk of data loss in the event of a recovery scenario, the company uses native data protection capabilities in its NetApp storage platform.

“By enabling synchronous storage replication using NetApp MetroCluster, we can guarantee zero data loss for our clients,” adds Pascal Ottens.

The Results

With SUSE, Fujitsu and NetApp solutions at the foundation of its MSP operations, myBrand has the performance, scalability and reliability to fuel explosive growth.

“Eight years ago, we were serving 14 clients, but today, that figure has shot up to 50 clients—including COOP, a leading supermarket chain in the Netherlands,” explains Pascal Ottens. “We are now supporting around 750 SAP systems, more than 40 of which are based on the demanding SAP HANA data platform. Despite the substantial increase in our client base and compute requirements, our SUSE, Fujitsu and NetApp solutions have helped us to maintain lean operations. In fact, we’ve more than trebled our client base while keeping our IT management requirements flat, at just two full-time equivalents.”

As demand for in-memory solutions based on SAP HANA continues to increase, myBrand can provision new environments rapidly to capitalize on the new opportunities.

“For SAP HANA deployments, the combination of FlexFrame Orchestrator and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications is highly effective,” continues Pascal Ottens. “Because the KVM virtualization technology is tightly integrated with FlexFrame Orchestrator, we can provision the resources for a new SAP HANA environment in less than an hour. Even as we continue to grow, we see that this high level of automation will help us to avoid an increase to our maintenance spend for the foreseeable future.”

Pascal Ottens concludes: “SUSE, Fujitsu and NetApp offer us a flexible, scalable platform that’s tailormade for SAP solutions—helping us to deliver outstanding services to our clients.”