SUSE Linux Enterprise is the most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing—across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

Solutions by Platform

Enterprise Linux Servers

Enterprise Linux Servers from SUSE are some of the most versatile, reliable and best supported software infrastructure solutions available to deliver mission-critical IT services efficiently and cost effectively.

Designed for mixed IT environments and exclusively recommended by Microsoft, SAP and VMware, Enterprise Linux Servers help you save time and money, increase resource utilization, and reduce risk.

Create private cloud images that are ready to run, rapidly deploy container applications and simplify IT operations with silver images. More ›

Migrate UNIX workloads

Replace your UNIX and RISC-based systems with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and x86 hardware to improve data center efficiency. More ›

Standardize Linux support

Standardize on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support. Get #1 rated Linux support and save up to 50%. More ›

Consolidate onto Mainframe Linux

Get greater data center efficiency by consolidating your distributed server workloads on mainframes with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for System z. More ›

Deliver mission-critical services reliably yet affordably

Need your critical applications to run 24x7x365? We have high availability capabilities without the high price tag. More ›


Enterprise Linux Desktops

Enterprise Linux Desktops from SUSE are some of the most interoperable, manageable and efficient desktop computing environments in production use today.

Flexible and feature rich, yet also very affordable, Enterprise Linux Desktops helps you be more productive, while also improving employee productivity.

Plays well with others

Your operating systems don't have to be at war. Choose the Linux desktop that plays best with your current IT environment. More ›

Doesn't take up too much time

Includes applications that help your workers be more productive quickly. Also comes with tools to easily manage your desktop estate. More ›

Doesn't cost too much

Includes smart power management capabilities that reduce energy consumption. More affordable than other enterprise Linux desktop alternatives. More ›



SUSE virtualization solutions offer maximum flexibility, without sacrificing performance, security or reliability.

Increase resource utilization, respond faster to changing business needs, and get better application performance with virtualization solutions from SUSE.

Virtualization host

Looking for a powerful yet affordable way to virtualize workloads? Xen and KVM hypervisors are included with every subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. More ›

Virtualization guest

Count on consistent performance and streamlined support when you use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Hyper-V or vSphere. Microsoft and VMware exclusively recommend SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to their customers who run Linux servers. More ›

Virtual workloads

Build and deploy workloads on all major hypervisors in minutes, not days. More ›

Virtualization management

Better control and manage the ongoing growth of your heterogeneous virtual environment while ensuring your existing virtual resources are fully optimized and balanced. More ›


Cloud Computing

SUSE OpenStack Cloud computing solutions are practical and easy to deploy, with something for nearly everyone, and nearly every purpose.

Whether you're building your own private cloud infrastructure, or taking advantage of the public cloud, do it faster with cloud computing solutions from SUSE.

Private Cloud Computing

For deploying and managing enterprise-ready private cloud infrastructure and services SUSE offers SUSE OpenStack Cloud. SUSE OpenStack Cloud is an open source software solution based on the OpenStack project that provides the fundamental capabilities for enterprises to deploy an Infrastructure-as-a-Service private cloud.

Public Cloud Computing
For Enterprises

All the benefits of a certified and supported enterprise Linux distribution—now in the cloud. More ›

For ISVs

Simplify the growth of your cloud business. Rapidly create, test and deploy your software through instantly available, pay-per-use cloud infrastructure. More ›

For Cloud Service Providers

Make it easy and rewarding to give your customers what they want—SUSE Linux Enterprise Server. More ›


Software-Defined Storage

While dollars per gigabyte ($/GB) decline at an average of 25 percent each year, flat IT budgets are not enough to keep up with the estimated 40 percent annual growth in data. The net of this challenge is that IT needs look for more economical ways to store their data.

Software-defined storage is the solution to this significant business challenge. Software-defined storage is the process of separating the physical storage hardware (data plane) from the data storage management logic or “intelligence” (control plane). This storage solution requires no proprietary hardware components, enabling the use of off-the-shelf low-cost commodity hardware to significantly reduce capital expenditure on storage.

SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by Ceph, provides this data storage management logic. Independent hardware vendor (IHV) partners provide the off-the-shelf storage hardware. Together, SUSE and its solution partners deliver industry-leading, cost-efficient, scalable storage solutions.

Learn more about Software-defined Storage


Big Data

Big Data—with its volume, velocity, and varied (or lack of) structure—eludes traditional business analytics and business intelligence approaches. Whether monitoring the dynamic flows of Big Data or responding to events and usage patterns as they occur, you need the right foundation to create your data-driven enterprise: SUSE Linux Enterprise. More ›

SUSE: The right foundation for Big Data solutions—available today

SUSE is ready to support your implementation of Big Data projects today through our industry-leading Strategic Alliances and Partnerships with leading Big Data companies. More ›

Ensure the security of your data

Without sacrificing the benefits of the cloud, ensure the security of your data by deploying your Big Data solution safely behind your firewall on a private cloud using SUSE OpenStack Cloud. Based on the OpenStack and Crowbar projects, SUSE OpenStack Cloud delivers an easy to install and manage private cloud platform for all of your scale out compute needs. SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides you the security, self-service provisioning, and massive scalability you need to efficiently run and maximize the performance of your Big Data solutions.

Ease deployment and management

The Software Lifecycle Management solutions of SUSE, such as SUSE Studio and SUSE Manager, integrate smoothly and greatly ease deploying and managing your Big Data solutions.

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