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CVE-2023-38647 at MITRE


An attacker can use SnakeYAML to deserialize and make it load a JAR from a specified URL, and then deserialize javax.script.ScriptEngineManager to load code using that ClassLoader. This unbounded deserialization can likely lead to remote code execution. The code can be run in Helix REST start and Workflow creation. Affect all the versions lower and include 1.2.0. Affected products: helix-core, helix-rest Mitigation: Short term, stop using any YAML based configuration and workflow creation.                   Long term, all Helix version bumping up to 1.3.0 

SUSE information

Overall state of this security issue: Does not affect SUSE products

This issue is currently not rated by SUSE as it is not affecting the SUSE Enterprise products.

SUSE Bugzilla entry: 1213660 [RESOLVED / INVALID]

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