Increase agility, lower cost

Fast Lane to the Cloud

It’s rush hour in your data center, but you’re traveling in the express lane with SUSE. No other Linux distribution makes it easier to migrate your existing workloads or stand up new workloads in the cloud.

Whether you’re running your SUSE solutions at large global providers like Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform as on-demand instances, bringing your own subscription to the cloud (see Bring Your Own Subscription tab), or with other SUSE Cloud Service Provider partners and hosters as cloud or dedicated managed servers, you’ll take advantage of the boost to your agility that the express lane offers.

Reliability, Security & Performance

The loss of a mission-critical application or service due to downtime is just as expensive to your business whether your applications are running in the cloud or in your data center.

Choosing SUSE Linux Enterprise in the public cloud ensures that you stay up-to-date with the latest security patches, feature enhancements and bug fixes.

Get on-demand compute resources that enable you to extend your on-premises HPC cluster to Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure when you need more capacity.

Easy to set up and use, SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension eliminates your anxiety over data loss with real-time synchronization that quickly restores clustered services and intelligent locking mechanisms that maintain data integrity, helping you maintain continuity, protect data integrity and maximize uptime.

The Leader for SAP

Run SAP solutions in the cloud on SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP Applications, the leading platform for SAP solutions including SAP HANA. It provides a reliable, manageable and highly available platform for all SAP mission-critical workloads.

Jointly validated and certified by SAP and SUSE, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications consistently delivers outstanding uptime and performance—even under full CPU loads and high memory stress.

Integrated priority support and maintenance and extended service pack support lower the costs of operation and maintenance. And built-in business continuity eliminates single points of failure to protect business operations.

Bring Your Own Subscription

If you are already a SUSE customer and you are moving to the cloud, you can easily migrate some of your existing subscriptions to SUSE Certified Public Cloud Service Providers Amazon Web Services, Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud Platform. Note that product availability across SUSE Certified Public Cloud Service Providers may differ. The SUSE Bring Your Own Subscription program allows you to transfer the benefits of your current subscription, including your level of SUSE support, to your workloads running in a public cloud. Confidently extend your data center to the public cloud and ensure the same level of SUSE service across all of your infrastructures—data center, private, or public cloud—while ramping up innovation and lowering costs.