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Open Source is in our genes. Open to us means more than shared source code. It’s a philosophy and approach that informs everything we do. It’s how we develop software, how we work with partners and customers, and how we engage with communities. Most of all, it’s about keeping our minds open to new ideas.

SUSE Linux Enterprise 15

As organizations around the world transform their enterprise systems to embrace modern and software-defined technologies, multiple infrastructures for different workloads and applications are needed. This often means integrating cloud-based platforms into enterprise systems, merging containerized development with traditional development, or combining legacy applications with microservices, essentially leading to a multimodal IT scenario. To bridge traditional and software-defined infrastructure, SUSE has built a multimodal operating system – SUSE Linux Enterprise 15.

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The Many Faces of SUSE Global Services – Jeff Loomis

This week, we get to know Jeff Loomis, the SUSE Global Services Director in the Americas.  Jeff…

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SUSE YES Certification for SLE 15 Now Available

On July 16, 2018 SUSE® officially released SUSE® Linux Enterprise 15. With this new rel…

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Integrating SDN controllers in Openstack-ansible

Openstack-ansible (OSA) is an awesome project in OpenStack which, as the name describes, deploys Ope…

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