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How to buy SUSE Manager Subscriptions

Comprehensively manage Linux servers with a single, centralized solution. SUSE Manager provides automated, cost-effective software management, system provisioning and monitoring capabilities—allowing easy management of Linux deployments across physical, virtual and cloud environments.

A SUSE Manager installation consists of at least one SUSE Manager Server and the SUSE Manager Lifecycle Management entitlement for each managed system that has an active SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription. SUSE Manager Monitoring entitlements may be added for each managed system to provide additional functionality. SUSE Manager Proxy Servers can also be deployed on an as-needed basis to scale in large or distributed environments.

SUSE Manager Server is provided as a software appliance for physical and virtual environments.

SUSE Manager entitlements can be purchased per instance or unlimited virtual instances per managed server.

Priority Support is included with the purchase of a
1-year or 3-year SUSE Manager entitlement. This does not change the support level of the SUSE Linux Enterprise subscription for the managed system.

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