SUSE certification support for partners

For SUSE partners who are looking to certify their latest application or version with a SUSE product, there are a number of support resources available to help you through the process.

Partner Software Access

  • As a SUSE ISV partner, you have access to SUSE product downloads and partner registration codes for building test environments and pilot deployments. The SUSE partner portal is where you access software and registration codes to do just that.
  • For questions about registering in the SUSE partner portal and obtaining SUSE partner subscriptions, visit our SUSE Partner FAQ.

SUSE Self-Support Resources

  • Search the SUSE Support Knowledgebase, a valuable troubleshooting and how-to resource, providing access to a rich database of technical articles, Technical Information Documents (TIDs), white papers, read-me documents and more.
  • Participate in the SUSE Support Forums and get your questions answered by experienced Sys Ops or interact with other SUSE community experts. SUSE Support Forums are available at no cost and allow you to interact with SUSE and other industry experts, as well as your industry peers, to resolve technical issues, build individual expertise and enhance the collective store of information.
  • Partner SMT Quickstart. A short guide on how to use the free Subscription Management Tool (SMT) to easily manage your SUSE Linux Enterprise subscriptions.

Discounted Technical Support Packs

  • For deeper technical engagements and to support SUSE Linux running in your environment, Discounted Support Packs for partners are available for purchase through authorized SUSE resellers.
  • SUSE Support Packs allow you to open and submit Service Requests. Use email, or get real-time access to SUSE support engineers via chat and have the option to allow your support engineer to connect to your system for improved troubleshooting and easier walk-through directions.

Joint Customer Support through TSAnet

SUSE works with our partners to provide joint customer support through TSANet, a collaborative alliance consisting of hundreds of companies joined together to improve their customers' tech support experiences. SUSE is a Premium Global member of TSAnet, the highest level of membership which provides 24/7 global support.

Additional Questions and Contact Information

  • For more information about registering for the SUSE partner program, obtaining SUSE partner subscriptions, support and other useful items, visit the SUSE Partner FAQ.
  • For questions about setting up a SUSE environment or the certification process, the SUSE ISV team has technical specialists that can assist. Contact us at to be connected to the team.