Getting Started: SUSE on the AWS Free Tier

Learn how crazy it is to try SUSE on the EC2 Free Tier service from AWS!

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Migrating SAP Applications to SAP HANA on AWS

Accelerate your SAP HANA journey with the scalable and highly-available cloud platform and OS fine-tuned for enterprise applications

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Quickly Deploy SAP HANA on AWS

Reduce complexity and accelerate your SAP HANA deployments with SUSE solutions on the AWS Marketplace

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Dev/Test with SUSE Studio on AWS

Quickly and easily deploy, build, and test applications on AWS using SUSE Studio

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SUSE and Amazon Web Services Strategic Alliance

Enterprise companies that need a versatile Linux distribution with superior reliability and security on the world's leading public cloud platform choose SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon Web Services.

  • Gain access to 10,000+ certified applications from more than 1,800 independent software vendors.
  • Develop and run workloads on the enterprise Linux that is the leading platform for SAP solutions for Linux.
  • Get started with SUSE on the AWS Free Tier, provision SUSE on-demand images with pay-as-you-go pricing or leverage AWS reserved instance pricing to help manage TCO for cloud.

Together with AWS and SUSE, you can develop and deploy next-generation and mission-critical applications on the world's leading public cloud platform.

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SAP HANA adoption is a journey—with SUSE and AWS you can ensure the path you are taking is aligned with true Digital Transformation leveraging the public cloud.

Whether looking at deriving new value from existing data sources or building cloud-native analytics applications leveraging SAP HANA, you can quickly deploy the proof of concept needed to show value on AWS.

Minimize the risk and accelerate the reward of your Digital Transformation projects by leveraging SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP on AWS the certified, scalable, and highly-resilient platform for SAP applications.

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Implementing DevOps

Whether building a continuous delivery practice with AWS CodePipeline for applications built on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and EC2 or using SUSE Manager 3 to manage, monitor, and deploy VMs on AWS—SUSE and AWS offer services that will help you accelerate innovation.

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Mission Critical Computing

Whether developing new applications or moving existing applications to the cloud, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server on Amazon Web Services offers enterprises a versatile Linux platform that provides superior reliability and security.

SUSE maintains the base SUSE Linux Enterprise Server images for Amazon EC2. AWS customers receive updates at the same time that updates are made available from SUSE, so your computing environment remains reliable and secure and your SUSE Linux Enterprise Server-certified applications maintain their supportability.

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Cloud & System Management

SUSE Manager 3 is a best-in-class infrastructure and systems management solutions to ensure compliance, adhere to security policies, while optimizing operations with automation wherever possible. Learn more

SUSE Studio is a rapid development tool for deployable images with a single configuration process across virtual, physical, public, and private cloud environments. SUSE Studio makes it fast and easy to build, test, and deploy application stacks, virtual appliances, and custom SUSE Linux Enterprise Server builds on Amazon EC2. Learn more

KIWI is a command-line tool and imaging suite used to prepare, create, and deploy OS images. In conjunction with Open Build Service and PackageHub you can take advantage of an ever-growing selection of code and packages to use for your SUSE environment on AWS. Learn more

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