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CVE-2024-27935 at MITRE


Deno is a JavaScript, TypeScript, and WebAssembly runtime. Starting in version 1.35.1 and prior to version 1.36.3, a vulnerability in Deno's Node.js compatibility runtime allows for cross-session data contamination during simultaneous asynchronous reads from Node.js streams sourced from sockets or files. The issue arises from the re-use of a global buffer (BUF) in stream_wrap.ts used as a performance optimization to limit allocations during these asynchronous read operations. This can lead to data intended for one session being received by another session, potentially resulting in data corruption and unexpected behavior. This affects all users of Deno that use the node.js compatibility layer for network communication or other streams, including packages that may require node.js libraries indirectly. Version 1.36.3 contains a patch for this issue.

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SUSE Bugzilla entry: 1221810 [RESOLVED / FIXED]

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