Melissa Di Donato

Dear World:
Choose Open

We believe that openness, not technology alone, must be at the heart of all digital transformation. Companies and individuals innovate best when they have the freedom to choose the technology and solutions that best fit their needs.

In her open letter, SUSE CEO Melissa Di Donato shares what it means to choose open.

SUSE is Committed to Open

Dear World,

The notion of “openness” represents our society’s limitless possibilities. It inspires diverse communities to come together and bring ideas to life. It creates new ways to collaborate. It fosters the richness of sharing, learning, and solving problems together.

Openness, not technology alone, must be at the heart of all digital transformation. The magnitude of challenges facing businesses and governments today can no longer be solved behind closed doors. They require the speed and scale of innovation that only the open source model – with its rich community of over 56 million contributors – can provide1.

It is no wonder that open source has become the foundation for many businesses. 99% of the Fortune 500 currently use open source software1. We are SUSE, one of the world’s largest independent providers of open source software. We believe that borders should exist only on maps, not in our heads. We stand by our belief that open innovation brings out the best of creativity and ingenuity in all of us. As a society, we are stronger and more resilient when we embrace diversity of thought and in all of its borderless, magnificent forms.

Our thousands of customers choose open because it means access to cutting edge innovation, flexibility to move at the pace they need, and choice to shape their success the way they want. For these reasons, they trust SUSE to power their mission-critical IT workloads including business applications, electronic banking systems, software for autonomous vehicles, satellite operation centers, and life-saving medical devices.

I am proud to be the CEO of a company that chooses open every day. Just imagine: what could the world look like if every company, society and government were to choose open?

I invite you to find out. I invite you to Choose Open.


Melissa Di Donato

1 Why You Need an Open Source Software Strategy, BCG, April 2021

Open Source Opens Doors


Fortune 500 use open source software

(Source: BCG)


IT departments set to increase use of open source software in 2021

(Source: BCG)


Million developers are contributing to open source projects

(Source: BCG)

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Why Trust Open?

IT leaders are under more pressure than ever to deliver tangible outcomes for the business. Their top priorities are to simplify how the business is run, modernize, and accelerate change. They also believe an open source strategy featuring containers, multi-cloud, and edge computing technologies are vital to supporting these priorities.

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85% agree that open source enables innovation at the edge.

84% see open source as a way to cost-effectively drive innovation.

82% say they feel optimistic about the future of open source.

These Companies Trust SUSE with Open

Office Depot

With SUSE, Office Depot has simplified management of a heterogenous environment and migrated IT operations to a public cloud to create better customer experiences. In the process, they’ve saved over 40% in IT management costs.

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As a leader in automotive software solutions, Elektrobit looked to open source and SUSE to increase agility, interoperability and edge computing capabilities in order to build a secure foundation for the future of driving automation.

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Ubisoft works with SUSE to gain a competitive edge through innovation and, critically, to drive serious management efficiencies. Global growth fueled by innovation and technical agility has long been Ubisoft’s North Star.

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