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Why Certify at SUSECon 2014


You could take your SUSE certification at anytime, but there are a number of reasons why SUSECon is the time to do this.

1. Your brain’s already geared to thinking and hearing about Linux.

With over 254 sessions and keynotes you’re already immersed into the Linux environment so its a great time to take your test and finalize your certification

2. You’re in training mode.

Sometimes it’s hard to get the time at work to commit to getting fresh ideas and education.  At SUSECon you get full updates, not just SUSE but also:

i. OpenSource
ii. Future products
iii. Market updates
iv. Latest partner developments

3. Its Free.

susecon14Normally you would be charged a cost for taking your certification exam so not only do benefit from it being free but you have all the other reason for attending SUSEcon.

For more information on certification read the Top 10 reasons as to Why you should certify or visit our certification page on SUSECon.com.


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