Webinar: An Innovative Way to Find and Fix Hidden Errors in SAP Configurations


High availability (HA) for SAP systems is essential to maintaining business operations but many system administrators and even system integrators find it complex to implement. The last thing an organization wants is to have a mission-critical SAP S/4HANA or NetWeaver system fail when or shortly after it’s launched. However, this is exactly what has happened to several organizations simply because of unseen errors in their HA configurations. Yes, SAP system configurations are well-documented in the numerous SAP Notes that are available, but it can be time-consuming to go through over 100 pages looking for the right configuration information.

The webinar “Trento Finds and Fixes Hidden Errors with SAP High Availability” provides a technical preview of a new feature that’s coming soon with SLES for SAP Applications.

Join me and Christian Holsing, Principal Product Manager at SUSE for SAP solutions, on February 22, 2022, at 10:00 a.m. EDT / 16:00 CET to learn how this new feature will leverage SUSE knowledge and expertise in HA configurations to help you avoid SAP service problems with a web-based console based on open source Project Trento. This unique compliance-as-code offering will include:

  • System discovery in SAP domain language
  • Error identification and visualization
  • Recommended actions and remediation
  • Advanced system monitoring

And detecting high availability configuration errors is just the beginning of what Trento will be able to do to safeguard your SAP systems in the future.

CLICK HERE to register for the webinar to learn more and how you can try an early version in your own environment. If you’re interested in the webinar but the time or date don’t work for your schedule, register anyway. We’ll send you a follow-up email with a link to see the webinar on-demand.

For additional information about the planned implementation of the Trento feature please visit this web page.


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