Two Webinars about Delivering SAP Services Faster


Maintaining a competitive advantage often depends on how quickly you can deliver new services. SAP applications are designed to help your business analyze data to anticipate new requirements, and rapidly deliver new products and services. This gives you the ability to keep your existing customers happy while attracting new business. The insights from this data analysis can be time-sensitive resulting in pressure from lines of business to deploy new services quickly.

If implementing SAP services quickly on-premises or in the cloud are important to your IT operations, then you won’t want to miss two new webinars that are coming in May 2020.

The first webinar, “Bootstrapping SLES for SAP HANA & NetWeaver Clusters,” will be available on May 6 and presented by Xabier Arbulu, a SUSE Engineer on the SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications team. Deploying SAP applications is a complex, demanding process that often requires a clustered solution.  Watch this 25-minute recorded webinar to see Xabi demonstrate how Salt and Terraform simplify and speed the creation of new SAP HANA and NetWeaver clusters on public clouds. His presentation includes a live demonstration. Click here to view this webinar.

The second webinar, “Managing a Service Provider SAP landscape efficiently with SLES,” will be live on May 26 and delivered by Pieter Potgieter, Senior Manager of Commercial Operations at Britehouse. SAP Service providers like Britehouse manage large SAP landscapes for many customers and rely heavily on fast and efficient service delivery to provide a quality service at a reasonable cost. Pieter will discuss how SLES for SAP Applications helps Britehouse to provide a best in class, secure managed SAP service for a 1000+ server environment. Click here to register for this webinar.

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