A truly enlightening keynote: SUSE at SaltConf 2016


One of my last posts was from Salt Lake City, where Don Vosburg and I delivered one of the keynotes at SaltStack‘s SaltConf and launched SUSE Manager 3.

For those of you who didn’t have the opportunity to see the keynote or just want to watch it one more time, we’ve now compiled a 25 minute “director’s cut”. We had a lot of fun with this truly “enlightening” presentation. Don and I mention it several times during the keynote, and it’s true: The demo was all real. 😉

Soon there will be another chance to experience a keynote with yours truly and, more importantly, SaltStack’s co-founder and CTO Tom Hatch, at the openSUSE conference in Nuremberg, Germany, from June 22 to June 26!

In one of my next posts I’m going to talk about the pattern we’ve used in the SUSE Manager 3 live demo: SUSE Manager system groups and Salt configuration states are an easy to use and very powerful combination.

This is Joachim Werner blogging live from SUSE’s headquarters in Nuremberg, where the demos are all real.


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