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TrueLayer spearheads the open banking revolution with Kubernetes and SUSE Rancher


“SUSE Rancher allows us to self-host our clusters, which is essential. This means we can make a host of changes to the cluster that we can’t in EKS.” Alessio Casco, Director of DevOps, TrueLayer.

TrueLayer, a pioneer in open banking, has used Kubernetes to galvanize market innovation for a while, but its DevOps team had long battled with manually intensive systems and craved a central management process. That was until 2019, when its journey with SUSE Rancher began.

TrueLayer’s search for the perfect container management platform did not last long. SUSE Rancher matched selection criteria that included cost effectiveness and feature set, most importantly the ability to centralize management of infrastructure, creating operational efficiency.

Another factor weighing heavy in the selection process is that SUSE Rancher is 100% open source, meaning TrueLayer can use any mix of technology, side-by-side on the same platform and switch out solutions, making changes seamlessly. The ability to flex with the market, in a heterogenous way, made SUSE Rancher a game-changer. TrueLayer also saw tremendous value in the burgeoning SUSE Rancher community, meaning practical advice and best practice sharing would be on tap.

The future of banking is open

Automation has been a major benefit of the deployment, with SUSE Rancher revolutionizing how TrueLayer’s DevOps team operates. Using SUSE Rancher, the team manages its five Kubernetes clusters in a vastly more efficient way. Compared to working with raw Kubernetes, the team can now automate what used to be laborious, hands-on processes; creating major resource savings and more time to innovate. Maintenance time has been improved too, with the team now resolving cluster issues 40% faster than before.

This creates a seamless experience for the company’s rapidly expanding list of customers and an increase in development velocity. SUSE Rancher allows TrueLayer to deploy improvements and new products more rapidly, as well as to upgrade to the latest version of Kubernetes much more easily than before. As a result, the company can stay on top of security and compliance regulations.

Unlike many other Kubernetes management platforms, SUSE Rancher is 100% open source, which allows TrueLayer to have full control over its clusters and to enjoy greater flexibility, while knowing it has the support of SUSE behind it.

Although TrueLayer’s systems are currently hosted on AWS, the team is planning to examine how its cloud architecture will evolve and shift to a multi-cloud strategy, to capitalize on specific clouds for particular needs. SUSE Rancher recognizes that forward-thinking organizations are looking to diversify their cloud operators, which is why the platform has been built to enable customers to deploy on multiple environments.

TrueLayer has ambitious expansion plans in Europe and Asia and with SUSE Rancher dispensing with previous manual processes, this is no longer a daunting or time-consuming proposition.

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