Did you consider the day pass option for SUSECON 2017?


In preparation for SUSECON I often get the feedback that SUSECON is to technical for some of the managers, CxO’s from customers and partners we talk to. And although SUSECON provides a lot of business related sessions, use cases and customer references, 5 days of Open Source Technology can be a bit overwhelming and does not always fit in the agenda properly.

But let’s not forget that SUSECON also provides a day pass option. An easy way to get access, experience key notes, visit sessions that are most relevant for you that day, do some networking and get updated on the technology showcase floor.

Let’s take an example where the day pass option can be of value. A partner for instance can subscribe to:

  1. The partner summit on Monday.
  2. Buy a day pass for Tuesday


This way the partner gets the full SUSECON experience and might even bump into one of the SUSE executives while he/she gets updated on the technology showcase floor.

But there are many more examples. Think of a SAP infrastructure manager who needs to be updated on the latest and greatest what SUSE and SAP bring to market. They can now pick and choose the day with the SAP keynote (just an example) and follow the SAP related break-out sessions on roadmaps, SAP customers successes etc during the rest of the day!

Do hope to meet you in Prague. More information: www.susecon.com

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