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There’s more to SUSECON than just the sessions…


A few months ago, we announced that SUSECON 2017 would be in one of the most beautiful places in the world: Prague, Czechia (The wait is over. SUSECON 2017 location will be….) Since then, we’ve talked about the incredible technical content at SUSECON until we’re *green* in the face. By now everyone knows that they can get technical tutorials, hands-on training, product future reviews, certification exams, 1:1 time with engineers and product managers, right? So with all of that being crammed into the daylight hours, what can we do to unwind at night? I’m so glad you asked! Because in addition to all of the incredible technical content, in true SUSE tradition, we have some awesome evening activities planned for you as well:

Monday, September 25th


“Birds of a Feather/Opening Reception”

We love to open SUSECON with this popular meet-and-greet activity. Come and collaborate with people from all over the globe who share your interests, needs, and challenges in their IT environment. Come prepared to lead a discussion on a specific topic, or wander around and join in the lively debates on a wide variety of topics. SUSE engineers, executives, customers and partners will all be there to hear and be heard. Birds of a Feather has been a part of SUSECON since the very beginning and is a favorite among attendees. The bar will be open to get things started!

Tuesday, September 26th


Official SUSECON …Conference Party – the Spirit of Czechia!

As we do each year, we take this evening to celebrate the host city/country. This year we will celebrate everything Czech – the food, the beer, the culture, the beer, the music, and did I mention the beer? The conference party is a great time to relax with other attendees and also talk with SUSECON Sponsors and learn of the great solutions they offer (and get a lead on the great prizes we give away every year in the Closing Keynote!) And we just might have some live entertainment showcasing SUSE talent, made famous at last year’s event (check YouTube!)

Wednesday, September 27th


Off–site Party: Zofin Palace

Continuing with tradition, we are taking the entire conference off-site for a very classy experience. The neo-Renaissance Žofín Palace has been one of the most important cultural and social centers in Prague since it was built in the early 1800’s. Antonín Dvořák held his first concert here in 1878. It has also featured concerts by Berlioz, Liszt, Tchaikovsky and Wagner. The Great Hall of the Žofín Palace regularly hosts the biggest economic, political and cultural personalities from the Czech Republic – and we are going to ROCK the joint! Join us on this incredible evening to party SUSE-style at one of the nicest venues in Prague.

Thursday, September 28th


The Thursday afternoon keynote at SUSECON has come to be known as Demopalooza, as Erin Quill and his merry band of demo-gurus push the boundaries of what’s possible in a keynote. Demopalooza is the home of Beer-as-a-Service, Raspberry-Pi’s-for-the-Masses, and other exciting plenary firsts. Following Demopalooza, we invite you to raise a glass to toast all that we have done and learned, then head out to explore the city on your own for the final evening at SUSECON.

Check out my video on what to expect and if you haven’t done so already, register now to learn, and also to join the SUSECON fun. SUSECON 2017 is guaranteed to be a good time!


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