The future is bright, the future is open source.


It’s fair to say that open source is an important part of many industries today. Whether you’re looking at open source server hardware, open source Linux software, open source software-defined networking, open source cloud management platforms, or even open source cola, no-one can deny that it’s everywhere now.

However, with so many open source options available today, it’s hard to work out how to get started – like walking into a used bookstore that hasn’t organised its books into categories or genres.

Are you experienced?

Here at SUSE we are, with over a quarter of a century of experience in making open source easier for businesses to choose, use and build their businesses upon. We have many skilled software engineers and developers around the world working on our software products and providing world-class support to our customers. In addition to these excellent engineering resources, we have other team members who are deeply involved in the open source world like Alan Clark in our CTO office. He’s somewhat of a legend within the open source community – he’s the chairman of the OpenStack Foundation, the chairman of the OpenHPC Foundation and is also on the board of directors of the Linux Foundation.

Our very own Kent Wimmer spent some time with him recently in our Provo office, chatting to him about all things open source and OpenStack. Whether you’re interested in IoT, Machine Learning, containisation, cloud computing or something else, watch the video here to hear Alan’s thoughts on the future of open source, the rise of multi-cloud and hybrid cloud, and how individuals and businesses can best get started in OpenStack.

Alan and Kent will be with us at the OpenStack Summit in Berlin next week (November 13th-15th), so if you’re visiting, come along to see us at the booth (booth B3, it’ll be the one staffed by people in pilot’s uniforms!) and find out more about how SUSE can make open source easier for you.

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