SUSECON Digital is nearly here – join us for an out of this world experience! | SUSE Communities

SUSECON Digital is nearly here – join us for an out of this world experience!


Co Authored by Vojtěch Pavlík and Markus Noga

We have been busy working on our Linux World keynote, and realized just how much we are looking forward to joining you all at SUSECON Digital on May 18-20, for the latest chapter of SUSE’s world-renowned open source festival.

We could not be more excited to be part of a truly space age, digital experience that will deliver outstanding technical content, give access to some of the brightest voices and talents across a host of sectors, and celebrate our growing SUSE community. The team have been hard at work producing just that  a virtual SUSECON experience that will be as memorable as the live event.

That is why we cannot wait for you to join us in Linux World, where you will hear from some of the finest experts in the galaxy, in keynote settings but also up close and personal in breakouts, tutorials and best practice sessions that will help you to uncover the growing scope of the SUSE Linux family.

We’ll focus in on some of what Sheng mentions in his recent blog, especially on the innovative technologies that solve customers’ pressing challenges. This includes the constant demand to digitally transform at scale and scenarios such as migrating to the cloud, improving availability, and enhancing security.

Most importantly of all, you will hear directly from customers who are deploying SUSE solutions to drive their digital transformation and growth.

We can promise plenty of practical, real-world content, as well as a glimpse into the future SUSE Linux Enterprise technologies that will help to shape ongoing innovation.

SUSECON would not be complete without an array of exciting demos and we promise you this year will be no different. Without revealing any spoilers, we can confirm there is some fun in store for the demo fans amongst you!

Together, we will discover and discuss how SUSE Linux, the industry’s only adaptable Linux, is the ideal operating system for running enterprise applications across data centre, cloud, and edge computing infrastructure. This enables innovation everywhere, both by transforming IT infrastructure and powering critical systems.

We cannot wait to join you to embark upon the shared journey of making innovation possibilities real. Register today to secure your spot at SUSECON Digital, where you can dive deeper into all that Linux World has to offer.

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