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SUSE Rancher Manages Amazon EKS Hybrid Landscape


As you know, SUSE Rancher is the most-used, and most-loved Kubernetes management solution on the planet with over 400 enterprise customers and 174 Million Docker pulls. SUSE Rancher manages any CNCF Certified Kubernetes distribution. SUSE Rancher also does additional engineering collaboration with key partners for increased life cycle management and other functionality. One of these partners is Amazon Web Services.

Amazon Web Services provides the world’s largest fully hosted Kubernetes-as-a-Service solution based on their CNCF-certified Elastic Kubernetes Service distribution (EKS-d.)

AWS recently added EKS-Anywhere to this solution mix for VMware-based solutions on customer-premise hardware. Following on the heels of this launch, and to complete the EKS offering from AWS, is a set of bootstrap and deployment tooling providing for the bare-metal customer deployment of “EKS-A Bare-Metal” directly on an operating system on the customers’ hardware with no Hypervisor required.

Through extensive engineering and maintenance effort on the part of the SUSE Rancher engineering team, EKS hosted on AWS has full lifecycle management features and can be deployed directly from the SUSE Rancher UI, including EC2 Auto-Scaling groups, load balancing other required components.

As of now, SUSE Rancher can import EKS-A clusters (including Bare-Metal) with nothing more than a kubectl client. For the first time, your end-end and Elastic Kubernetes Service cluster landscape can be managed by SUSE Rancher across the whole AWS hybrid EKS solution set.

Reference the SUSE Rancher and AWS official documentation sets or reach out to SUSE any time at for more information on how to manage your EKS-distribution-based Kubernetes clusters.


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