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SUSE Rancher and Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM)


(This info is originally posted on Dell’s documentation website)

Extend enterprise storage capabilities to SUSE Rancher, RKE2, RKE and K3S Kubernetes for cloud-native stateful applications with Dell Container Storage Modules (CSM). Dell CSMs enable simple and consistent integration and automation experiences. It reduces management complexity so developers can independently consume enterprise storage with ease and automate daily operations such as provisioning, snapshotting, replication, observability, authorization and, resiliency. The CSI Drivers by Dell EMC implement an interface between CSI (CSI spec v1.3) enabled Container Orchestrator (CO) and Dell EMC Storage Arrays (Dell PowerStore, PowerScale, PowerFlex, PowerMax and Unity). It is a plug-in that is installed into Kubernetes to provide persistent storage using Dell storage system.

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Gerson Guevara, SUSE IHV Solution Architect, contributed to this blog


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