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SUSE Partner Software Catalog: growth in quantity and quality


It has been quite a while since Darren pointed out the positive feedback of our ISV partners about SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP2.

Meanwhile the Partner Software Catalog (formerly ISV Catalog), that lists the SUSE Linux Enterprise-certified products of our ISV partners, has grown in both size and quality. Today, the number of applications certified on SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 has reached 3,900. This means the total number of certified applications for SUSE Linux Enterprise Server versions 9, 10 and 11 surpasses 10,000.

The ISV team has also established a proactive quarterly review process of our key partners, including IBM, SAP with Sybase, VMware, Oracle, EMC, etc., in order to more quickly identify and register new products and new product releases.

As for the rest of the 1940+ partners in the SUSE Software Catalog, we continue to diligently maintain the most up-to-date information by watching for changes, such as acquisitions and mergers, in order to keep the list accurate and useful for our partners and customers.

SUSE’s ISV Team also focuses on establishing close relationships with each ISV, including making sure each is enrolled in the SUSE PartnerNet program to take advantage of benefits like the annual partner subscriptions for SUSE products.


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