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SUSE: New Linux jobs showing up every day


The economic slowdown has forced businesses to look at ways to cut costs while maintaining performance, both of which open source software such as Linux can provide. However, to navigate Linux technology and take advantage of the developer community, organizations need trained Linux professionals that understand the marketplace and have experience at the kernel and application levels. Stats from the a Linux Foundation report claim 85% of 2,000 recruiters are finding it hard to hire suitably qualified Linux Professionals making Linux professionals some of the most sought talent in 2012.

For people with well-honed Linux skills and up-to-date training, the job market is thriving — and the opportunities put Linux professionals directly in the center of disruptive and exciting innovations that are changing the way we work and live.

SUSE is definitely in growth mode. Ralf Flaxa, SUSE’s VP of Linux Engineering, is the person primarily responsible for hiring engineers for SUSE. Currently, SUSE is hiring approximately 15 positions with more opening every week.

According to a recent interview with Brian Proffitt at ITWorld, when looking for programmers in general, Flaxa said that programming language aren’t as important as the style and experience of the programmer being interviewed. Do they have agile development experience, for instance? What’s their experience working with open source communities? Those are key factors for Flaxa when looking at candidates.

The article in ITWorld contains a lot of helpful advice about Ralf’s hiring preferences, which is handy for resume and cover letter guidance (hint hint).  Find out if SUSE is where you belong and check out our career page.


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