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SUSE joins Global OpenStack Bug Smash Mitaka, March 7-9, 2016


There surely are quite some interesting projects when it comes to (private) Clouds, here’s a message in particular to the ones that are already into the Open Source project OpenStack as well as the ones interested to contribute on a development level. As most of you surely know and as the name already says, OpenStack is the core technology behind SUSE OpenStack Cloud. SUSE is a member of the OpenStack Foundation as well as an active upstream contributor.

While current OpenStack based cloud solutions are “Liberty” based, such as the upcoming SUSE OpenStack Cloud 6 release, the OpenStack community has initiated a global “bug smash” event with the goals to fix as many bugs as possible across a wide range of OpenStack projects for the upcoming Mitaka release and to help onboard and grow new OpenStack developers. The event runs full three days, Monday-Wednesday, March 7-9.

There are a few sites around the globe where we’re be happy to host people who want to contribute. SUSE, as upstream contributor, joins that by hosting an event at the Headquarters in Nuremberg/Germany. An overview of the global event can be found here, with links to the local sites and how they organize. In particular, here’s the link to the SUSE hosted event.

Besides bug fixing there surely will be time for good conversations and networking with other OpenStack developers. If you’re already into OpenStack from a development perspective or if you want to apply your coding and bug hunting skills to this Open Source technology, don’t miss the chance! I’d be personally very happy to see people joining the Nuremberg event, whether these are new faces or well-known ones who want to help improve quality and stability and actively bring life to the community.


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