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SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta 1 is available!


Today, we are happy to announce our first Public Beta for SUSE Enterprise Storage 5!


We are inviting all developers, IT administrators, power users, and geekos worldwide to beta test the SUSE Enterprise Storage product in our SUSE Public Beta Program.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta 1 is available now! if you are interested we strongly recommend you to subscribe to our storage-beta Mailing List and to visit our SUSE Enterprise Storage Beta dedicated web page.


SUSE Enterprise Storage is an intelligent software-defined storage solution, powered by Ceph Technology that enables IT to transform their enterprise storage infrastructure to deliver highly scalable and resilient storage that is cost-efficient and able to seamlessly adapt to changing business and data demands.

More information about the SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 beta product:

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5, based on the Ceph Luminous release, broadens the scope and use cases for the SUSE Software Defined Storage solution. The new “BlueStore” enablement increases performance by a factor of two or more. More pervasive support of erasure coding increases the efficiency of the fault tolerant solution. And efficiency is enhanced with data compression.

SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 is the ideal solution for Compliance, Archive, Backup and Large Data. Large data applications include: video surveillance, CCTV, online presence and training, streaming media, X-rays, seismic processing, genomic mapping, CAD. Backup and archive applications include: Veritas NetBackup, Commvault, HPE Data Protector, and compliance solutions such as iTernity.

Technical details:

  • The ability to service environments that require high levels of performance through the enablement of the “BlueStore” a new storage backend for Ceph. SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 doubles the write performance of previous releases, coupled with significant reductions in I/O latency.
  • The ability to free up capacity and reduce data footprint via the BlueStore enabled Data Compression feature.
  • Increased disk space efficiency of a fault tolerant solution through enablement of Erasure coding for Replicated block devices and CephFS data.
  • Lowered operational cost with an expanded advanced graphical user interface for simplified management and improved cost efficiency, using the next generation openATTIC open source storage management system.
  • Simplified cluster management and orchestration through enhanced Salt integration.
  • Production support of the NFS Gateway for enabling the cohabitation of legacy applications that need a filesystem interface to access data with cloud native applications.
  • Technology preview of Ceph’s ability to export a file system to CIFS/Samba for heterogeneous connectivity

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