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Why are there 2 ISOs available per product?
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Last Update: 2017-12-07



Thank you all!

The SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta Program is now over! We hope that you have enjoyed beta testing and that we have provided the necessary help in your ongoing project.

To be sure that everything went well and to improve the next Beta Program, we would like to kindly ask you to take 5 minutes to fill the following survey:



SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 final was released in the end of October 2017. Check out the announcement!

Be sure to subscribe to our SUSE Enterprise Storage Beta Mailing List, if you want to be kept in touch of any future Beta Program.

Product Release Notes:

Whenever you find a bug or your are scratching you head on using SUSE Enterprise Storage, we highly recommend seek for help on our mailing list first, then if it really make sense you should open a bug report.

Mailing List is our dedicated Mailing List to discuss around the SUSE Enterprise Storage Beta product. It is used by the SUSE Release Team to announce new beta images and technical information, as well as for general or technical questions, feedback, or defect reports related to SUSE Enterprise Storage Beta products from our beta testers base.

Only subscribers can post to our mailing lists. To subscribe, please go to

To see the collection of prior postings to the list, visit the storage-beta Archives.

Please refer to our Mailing Lists Guideline for more information.


Here are the links to the SUSE Enterprise Storage Bugzilla product that you will use for reporting the defects of the following products:

Please refer to our complete Bugzilla guideline for more information and before creating your first bug report: how to use Bugzilla


Frequently Asked Questions
  • Why are there 2 ISOs available per product?

    We offer 2 DVD ISOs for SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta:

    • SUSE-Enterprise-Storage-5-DVD-x86_64-BetaX-DVD1.iso = DVD1 contains the binaries and the sources
    • SUSE-Enterprise-Storage-5-DVD-x86_64-BetaX-DVD2.iso = DVD2 the debuginfo packages


    For installation purposes you just need DVD 1 for your architecture. Please verify the sha256sum of the ISO using the SHA256SUMS file, which can also be found on the download page.

  • Beta Test Subscription and Registration Code



    Regular product subscription and registration code will not work with the beta products!

    Thus we will not provide a beta product subscription or beta product registration code by default for the SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 Beta Program. You should request one via, but we reserve the right to review your case and eventually provide one for your personal beta test.

    Without a beta registration code for SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 you won’t be able to access the online channels.

  • Private channel for sensitive data

    In case you are a SUSE’s partners or customers and would like to share some sensitive data with us for multiple reasons (data for bug reports, feedbacks, etc).
    Please contact us at, and we will review your case and help you have a private channel with us.

  • Contact Beta Manager

    For questions related to the beta test infrastructure, for example download issues or problems with reporting bugs or the mailing list, please write to