With data volumes growing in an unpredictable way, DiaServ Braunschshweig GmbH in Gifhorn, Germany, wanted to ensure scalable, reliable, accessible, low-cost archive storage for years to come.

Working with Thomas Krenn AG, the organization deployed SUSE Enterprise Storage. Powered by Ceph, SUSE Enterprise Storage is a software-defined storage solution that accelerates innovation, cuts costs and eliminates proprietary hardware lock-in – meeting all of the Central Diaconate Foundation’s requirements, one of DiaServ’s clients.


DiaServ Braunschshweig GmbH is an IT services provider that serves almost 300 locations and 1,700 users with 4,000 people. DiaServe offers a data center for its clients and out of it delivers SAP applications and other enterprise software services. One of the clients it provides IT services to is the Central Diaconate Foundation.

The Central Diaconate Foundation in Gifhorn, Germany, employs 600 people who work with young people, people with disabilities, the homeless and the elderly. To support its charitable work across 300 locations, the organization uses SAP applications and other enterprise software services delivered by its in-house IT services provider.

The Challenge

Björn Peters, Managing Director of DiaServ Braunschweig GmbH, comments, “Last year it became clear that we needed an archive system. We were on the lookout for a suitable storage system that would last at least 10 years and keep the data secure and within easy reach. It also needed to be scalable in every direction. That’s to say, we don’t know what data volumes will be like in 5 years because the foundation is growing continuously.”

SUSE Solution

DiaServ approached Thomas Krenn AG with the aim of finding a storage solution for archiving, and with the help of this partner organization selected SUSE Enterprise Storage, powered by open-source Ceph technology. As a software-defined storage solution, SUSE Enterprise Storage gives DiaServ the ability to provide reliable, fast, low-cost data storage on generic hardware, supporting its goals for the new archive system.

The Results

After installing its new software-defined storage archive, DiaServ quickly realized that the SUSE technology would also be beneficial for other parts of its data storage infrastructure. The organization is now moving data from other systems to its SUSE Enterprise Storage environment.

Björn Peters comments, “The SUSE solution is perfectly sized and scalable, so that you can use it for a long time. It’s the perfect solution from a hardware perspective and is backed up by professional services. We’re very happy with the way the project went, and we’re pleased with the professionalism of the SUSE and Thomas Krenn teams.”