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Spend Less and Protect More with SUSE Disk to Disk Backup Storage Solution


Are you looking for a more scalable option for their data protection needs?  Or simply something cheaper?  Then look no further!  The answer is SUSE’s Disk to Disk Backup Storage Solution which was announced last week at SUSECON.  Built on SUSE Enterprise Storage, this is the ideal solution that will help you protect more data for longer and at a lower cost.

There are two types of disk to disk backup storage solutions on the market today.  Deduplication devices are elegant yet expensive solutions that reduce overall storage by removing duplicate data.  Traditional arrays are the inexpensive yet difficult to manage solutions.

Both of these have their own problems.  With the sophistication of data reduction technologies moving to backup software, deduplication devices have become redundant in larger deployments.  They simply become an unwarranted expense.  Traditional arrays get unwieldy to manage at scale – they end up costing more because of basic management tasks that are needed to be performed.  And for both these solutions, the forklift upgrade to increase the size will force your customer to write off existing investments in the hardware.



SUSE Disk to Disk Backup Storage Solution is the optimized storage solution for solving these problems.  This solution is built on SUSE Enterprise Storage and comes with the certifications of a growing number of backup ISVs.  SUSE Enterprise Storage is built on commodity hardware and open source software and has an innovative per node licensing fee which keeps the cost low.  It is easy to manage – basic management tasks are hidden away from the administrators.  And it is easy to grow – simply add a new node and the cluster grows.

With SUSE Enterprise Storage 5 – which was also announced last week – customers get our latest release of the storage product.  This release introduces the underlying Ceph technology called BlueStore.  With this release, in addition to a number of other features SUSE also introduced the enhanced management framework called OpenATTIC which introduced a powerful user interface for storage.

Check out more at suse.com/d2d for more information or speak to your salesperson to hear how SUSE can help you Spend Less and Protect More!


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