Some of the awesome sessions at SUSECon 2014


susecon14It can be difficult making a decision about attending an event when you don’t even know what some of the core topics will be will be.  How can you make decisions, especially if you’ve never been to that conference before?

To help we’ve already started posting some of the sessions that you’ll be able to attend this year at SUSECon.

Looking to get a Deep dive in running high end enterprise applications on SUSE Linux, or you’re looking to find out what’s new in SUSE Linux Enterprise version 12?  You can already read the abstracts for these two sessions and more, including:

  1. Build Platform as a Service (PaaS) with SUSE Studio, WSO2 Middleware, and EC2

  2. Cost-effective IT infrastructure for mission critical systems built around SUSE and SAP

  3. Deploy OpenStack: The SUSE Cloud Experience

Feel free to go and browse the current SUSECon list of sessions — we’ll be posting more shortly.

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