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ShellShock, SUSE and You


This last week, a security vulnerability in the Bash shell — known as the “Bash Bug” or “ShellShock” — was reported.  This vulnerability could allow for executing code on a remote machine and, as such, fixing this security issue was a top priority.

Luckily, patches to resolve this vulnerability were created, tested and made available quickly.

If you are running SUSE Linux Enterprise 9, 10 or 11, we highly recommend that you patch immediately to properly secure your systems.

At SUSE, our primary concern and top priority is to make sure that your systems are secure.  Even if you are running older, unsupported versions of SUSE Linux we still want to make sure your systems are protected.  With this in mind, we have created a process for you to get those older systems properly patched.  Check our official “ShellShock 101” page for more details.


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