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Is a Services Partner the Key to a Successful IT Transformation?


The Key for SkillsWhy are Services Partners key to a digital transformation? Recently, SUSE had the chance to catch up with Katy Ring, Research Director, at 451 Research.   As a Research Director, Katy sees a lot of companies taking on digital transformation projects.  We wanted to get her insight into the reasons why companies often work with services partners when embarking on their transformation.  Katy shared several main reasons.

Services Partners can help set direction, prioritize, and staff projects

IT shops are being asked to manage and maintain their existing technology.  Yet, they are also being asked to meet the future needs of the business. Many IT shops are confused as to where to get started and ultimately do nothing. A services partner can help set direction, help get them started, and prioritize projects with discrete milestones.

Services Partners can provide the skills you don’t have

Having the right skill sets are imperative to meeting the needs of the digital economy.  Traditionally IT personnel had silo’d skills, that is, an IT shop would have a database specialist or a network specialist.  Today’s IT personnel is expected to be more of an IT generalist.  That is, IT departments are asking their teams to understand different parts of the IT stack, as well as to be adjustable and adaptable to get the job done.  However, more than 60% of IT shops have no plans to change the structure of their organizations.  A services partner can provide those generalist skills, providing knowledge transfer and consulting skills to help shops manage the new technology.

Services Partners often collaborate with product managers and engineering

Re-imagining the relationship you have with your technology vendor will help you quickly get to where you want to go.  Choosing a vendor with a strong services arm will be able to help you get started in the right direction with your transformation project.  They can help you assess your technical environment and help you prioritize goals and milestones.  Working with the services arm of your technology vendor also enables you to reach back into the product and engineering teams to help you get the solution you require.

The bottom line

If you are thinking about taking the leap to technology such as OpenStack or Containers, it really does make the most sense to make that leap with an IT services partner.  SUSE Global Services is that partner.  From discovery, design and architecture workshops to engaging with dedicated premium engineers that know you and your infrastructure, SUSE has the offerings you need to make the leap to your digital transformation.

Watch the 4-minute video here:The Need for Services


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