SAP HANA and SUSE—A new generation of high-performance solutions for your digital business


SAP VideoToday’s biggest technology trends are creating exciting new possibilities for businesses. But how do you take full advantage of the opportunities without making your IT infrastructure too complex or losing control of your operations and maintenance costs?

If you ask SAP the answer is, “Run Simple.” In other words, run a simple, digital enterprise through thoughtful reduction using SAP HANA in combination with a simplified user interface (SAP Fiori). Moving to SAP HANA is also a move to Linux, which means that you move your infrastructure from the proprietary vendor business model to one that is open, scalable and flexible enough to respond to unpredictable opportunities and challenges.

Watch the video and discover:

  • A new generation of high-performance solutions that are ready to power your digital business
  • Why more than 95% of SAP HANA customers choose SUSE for their business-critical applications
  • How SUSE enhances SAP HANA’s built-in high-availability and disaster recovery feature
  • How to quickly leverage the flexible cloud services and infrastructures you need to support your growing business

Simple is hard. But simple is a competitive advantage.

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Sabine Soellheim Sabine is Global Director of SAP Solutions at SUSE, the world's largest independent open-source company. She has 15 years of experience in collaborating with SAP and the SAP partner ecosystem to uncover co-innovation opportunities and accelerate growth. Sabine lead GTM initiatives that generate double-digit lead and revenue growth as well as market leadership.