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New Technical Webinars | SUSE StandUps


I bet you’re already familiar with our monthly webinars! We’ve been running them for over a year now with great success thanks to our Product Matter experts. These monthly webinars mostly cover specific Solutions to help our attendees improve their businesses. Because specific technical questions arose during those webinars, we’ve decided to develop in-depth technical sessions on specific topics.

SUSE StandUps | Technical Deep Dive
We’re excited to announce a new series of webinars (SUSE StandUps). These 30 minutes StandUp sessions are an addition to our current webinars and are directly related to the topic of the prior held webinar. With these Technical Deep dive sessions we’d like to give our audiences tools to further increase their specific technical knowledge around our Products.

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Make sure you have your seats reserved for both our Solutions webinar on OpenStack Cloud (September 21st by Mark Smith: Products & Solutions Marketing) and for our first StandUp technical deep dive on the same topic on October 12th. You’ll find the September 21st webinar on this main page, the StandUp of October 12th is listed under the ‘upcoming tab’ on that same page.

StandUp: SUSE OpenStack Cloud in action
 October 12th
Time: 7am PST – 4pm CET (30 mins)
Presenter: Simon Briggs (EMEA Technical Director)
Abstract: Following the presentation of Mark Smith on September 21st, Simon Briggs will give a Technical Deep Dive on how SUSE delivers the reality of Enterprise Class OpenStack. During his presentation he will give you a live demo on the product. Also, he will present SUSE’s roadmap of the next version of OpenStack Cloud.



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