New! SUSE StandUp: Gain Technical Knowledge In Only 15 Mins.


Looking at the high quality of our current SUSE Webinars and our excellent presenters, I bet that most of you are already familiar with these great Monthly 60 minute sessions!

But, we have something brand new to share!

We’d like to present our Monthly Technical Deep-Dive SUSE StandUp sessions; created for you to attend within the time frame of a 15 minute coffee break! All these StandUp sessions are directly related to the topic of the previous Webinar and offer you In-Depth Technical information on that specific SUSE Product.

Yes, I can hear you think: “Where does the terminology ‘StandUp’ come from?”

It actually originates from certain business meetings that are fast but high in quality! Attendees never sit down during those meetings because of the speed of them. The name of these meetings… Yes, you’re right: StandUps!

SUSE StandUp

SUSE wouldn’t be SUSE, if we wouldn’t have made sure that the StandUps are hosted by our amazing Technical Directors! They can’t wait to show you the Technical Details on our SUSE Products, or even give you Live Demo’s. They are there for you to answer your questions and show our Best-Practices! And, even if you won’t be able to make it to the live sessions after you’ve registered, all Webinars and StandUps are recorded and available On-demand.

This months’s StandUps

Nov 29: SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 (Related to webinar is on Nov 15)
Nov 30: SUSE Enterprise Storage (Related to webinar is on Nov 17)

I am super excited, hope you are too! Don’t forget to check out our webinar page and register for our November StandUps or Webinars!

Hope to see you soon in one of our sessions!


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